Whenever someone asks me what social media conference they should attend, I turn to my personal list of my can’t miss events. Clearly I recommend our events first, but sometimes the timing or the type of event someone needs is different. And there are a ton of great conferences out there for marketers throughout the year. After […]

Typical Facebook. You wait for a new or significant change to emerge and then all of a sudden, a number of them are revealed at once. It has a habit of announcing new features shortly after it holds a major event like its new page redesign. Now that’s been followed by a number of new additions and changes […]

On Monday, Facebook put up a blog post saying “engagement has gone up 34 percent on posts from people who have more than 10,000 followers.” But Facebook did not share real numbers or metrics, leaving people guessing what 34 percent actually equals. Meanwhile, over the weekend my Inbox filled up with dozens of e-mails from people […]

Chances are that you’ve already been inundated with information regarding the new changes to Facebook’s newsfeed. Announcing it last night, Facebook has gotten rid of a lot of clutter and instead has created a more visually appealing newsfeed. It’s probably the most radical design it has received in its nine year history and it follows […]

With so many social media platforms to choose from, knowing which one will generate results, or even figuring out how you can use them to achieve your objectives can be difficult to figure out. Because examples tell you more than theory ever could, we’ve rounded up 50 different resources for you to get into and […]

Facebook has invited the press to come have a look at a new version of News Feed at its Menlo Park, CA headquarters on March 7th at 10AM PST. The social network often tests updates to its Timeline profile pages, including a recent“one column” design, but it less frequently alters News Feed, its primary advertising […]