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Hands-on with Facebook Home

Facebook today announced Home, a redesigned experience for Android, which brings users’ friends to the forefront of their smartphones. Home will be available for select Android devices at first, but will roll out to others over time as an optional downloadable application from Google Play. We got a hands-on trial of Home today at Facebook HQ […]

What Facebook’s New Replies Means for Brands

Facebook has announced another feature to help brands manage their conversations. The move will help brands to improve the quality of the conversation and should lead to higher engagement for Page posts overall. This direct engagement with consumers will also be helpful when posters move off topic or become unruly. Facebook has also said it […]

Meet Henry: 9 Year-Old Entrepreneur Launched 3rd Start-up

Henry Patterson launched his first start-up at the age of 7, selling bags of manure for £1. Next Henry set up his own eBay store in which he sold items he had bought from charity shops. Soon he made £150. Recently Henry has set up his 3rd start-up: he’s selling sweets under the name of Not Before Tea. […]

Facebook Testing Targeted Ads Based On Users’ In-Store Purchases

Use a loyalty card for discounts at the drug store? The ads you see on Facebook could start looking familiar. Facebook is testing out a new kind of ad targeting that will let brands market to users based on what they’ve bought in stores, according to execs briefed on their plans. Facebook is partnering with […]

The State of YouTube in 2013 [Infographic]

The Best Mark Zuckerberg Quotes

Unlike any other CEO in history, Mark Zuckerberg has truly grown up before our eyes. From a bratty kid running Facebook out of a Harvard dorm, to a guy getting flop sweats on stage in a tough interview, to a much more polished and confident man leading his company to a $104 billion IPO, we’ve watched him […]

Evolution of a founder

Being a startup founder is hard, tough, frustrating and rewarding – possibly all within the space of a nanosecond. And yet, it is like a high none other. I have experienced it in others. And quietly, I have lived it for over six  years. Here are some lessons I learned from my journey. They may […]