Pinterest Announces Redesign, Are Sponsored Pins Coming?

Could you be seeing a sponsored pin in the future?

That may just be the case, as today Pinterestannounced a new evolution of their design and interface for users, rolling out soon.

The site, and its tiled design has become the aesthetic go-to for the social industry today.

Tens of thousands of brands use the site every day to visually connect with their audience, and this redesign seeks to improve the quality and context of information contained within each pin.

Here’s what’s new:


At a glance, the navigation, which had long been the center staple of the Pinterest homepage has been moved to the upper right hand corner of the site. Click on the new navigation icon to instantly hop to any number of categories like Art, Cars, DIY, and of course, Food.


Individual Pins are now markedly larger and now provide more context than ever before. Clicking on each pin will reveal pins from the same board, other boards this has been pinned to, as well as an awesome sidebar widget that will show other pins related to this one that you might like.

The new changes really put content discovery at the center of the user experience, as well as opening up a clear vision for marketers on the platform.

For users, related pins unlock a potential endless path of discovery for new products, recipes, and more. By continuing to interact and engage with your favorite brands and friend’s boards, Pinterest will work to deliver relevant content for you to consume.

For marketers, related pins clearly look and feel like an opportunity for an amazing new paid media component of Pinterest, as this sidebar is the perfect opportunity to start rolling out “Sponsored Pins or Boards.”

Unlike Facebook sidebar ads where location can often detract from their success, the placement possibility for paid promotion on Pinterest might as well be an eCommerce company’s wet dream.



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