Facebook brings friendship pages to mobile site, still rolling out to native apps

ImageFacebook has introduced mobile versions of its “friendship pages” that show two users’ history on the social network.

For now these are primarily able the be accessed from m.facebook.com, but a spokesperson tells us they will be added to the native iOS and Android apps in the coming months.

Friendship pages display users’ mutual friends, Likes, photos and interactions on Facebook. They were redesigned to match the Timeline format in November 2012, but hadn’t been available via mobile until now. The mobile version lets users scroll quickly through their history with a person and view the things they have in common with the user, but unlike on desktop, users cannot customize the cover photo or life events on the page.

Users of the mobile touch site will find a link to “See Friendship” in the following places:

  • News Feed stories about wall posts
  • News Feed stories about Gifts
  • Wall posts
  • Life events
  • Right-hand drop down menu on friends’ Timelines

Users of the native app might see the friendship link on stories about Facebook Gifts, but the pages are not otherwise accessible in the apps yet.

Users can view friendship pages between two other users, but they will only see the posts and information that they are otherwise able to see under the content’s existing privacy settings.


Source: http://www.insidefacebook.com/2013/02/06/facebook-brings-friendship-pages-to-mobile-site-still-rolling-out-to-native-apps/


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