Packaging Design

1. London office of Dragon Rouge has created package design and positioning for a new range of gluten free bread brand Warburtons by Newburn Bakehouse.


2.  Parker Williams has created the Juice Bar brand for Tesco with ‘a very strong individual personalities for each drink, reflecting its unique blend of ingredients and benefits’,  as Creative Director Jo Saker explains.



3. pi global has created new package designs for Goya Marinades produced and manufactured by Goya Foods, the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the U.S.


4. NY-based agency Moxie ™ has created branding for a nutraceutical beverage targeted at nightlife enthusiasts who are also health conscious drinkers. Now they can beg their friends for Mercy.


5. Another US agency McLean was inspired by comic strip art and cartoons about the sailor man Popeye. As a result, eye-catching can design for a new energy drink is ready to go on shelf in the USA.


6.  McCain chips and snacks have been rebranded by Brandopus, and that is the major overhaul of the brand’s visual identity in over 50 years.



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